CoastR Construction is owned by Max Dorking, its lead builder and Licensed Building Practitioner. Max began his trade training as an apprentice with Steve Munro Builders, an independent Dunedin based building company. While working under the guidance of Steve, Max gained valuable experience across a very broad range of construction projects.

Moving to Cook Brothers Construction to gain some required light commericial experience Max completed his apprenticeship becoming a qualified builder.

Relocating to Auckland saw Max broaden his knowledge with further light commericial and high end architectural residential work, advancing into site management and foreman roles.

Environmentally Friendly

A desire to focus on more sustainable building practises saw Max incorporate CoastR Construction Ltd. CoastR Construction is committed to conducting its business in an environmentally friendly manner, taking into consideration the materials used, the process followed and the disposal and recycling of excess material. We strive to minimise our environmental footprint wherever possible.

New Builds,
Landscaping & Decks


CoastR Construction undertakes a broad range of general building works - large and small. Our services include:

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